Haarams with beautiful attention to detail perfectly conceptualized and designed to perfection. Besides, even the enticingly low V.A starting from 8% will floor you.

Gold bangles, each piece gorgeous and uniquely special to accentuate your slender wrists. Invitingly priced at V.A that starts from just 4%.

Necklace collection in Hallmarked gold with an enduring value that stays true to design inspirations. Added feature being the surprisingly low V.A that starts from 4%.

Exclusivity is the hallmark of the chains collection which weaves a story around each exquisite jewel. Happiness is intertwined with this endearing collection in the form of V.A starting from 3%.

Captivating designs, classic workmanship; the exhaustive earring and ring collection lends grace to your feminine charm. If the designs are a
treat to your eyes, the low V.A that starts from 7% and 3% respectively,
will be music to your ears. 

Adorn your waist with an intricate masterpiece from the Ottiyanam collection as a fitting tribute to all things beautiful. V.A starts from a temptingly low 8%.

6 compelling topics to read before buying jewellery….

Buying jewellery is an art. Here are a few earnest suggestions that would help you understand the science behind this.