This note could be long but I strongly believe it's well worth your time.

A few words from my heart that will change the way you buy jewellery.

At age seven, I had struggled for a decent meal at home. I joined the jewellery trade as a child worker in Nellore at age twelve. Formal education was out of question. The experience of a tough life turned out to be my teacher. Which is why I am able to understand the hardships of a common man better than any other jeweller. Because I had faced them myself! Having said this, I would like to share with you the joy of having been conferred a doctorate by a reputed University for my services in the jewellery trade.

Let me ask you: why do we work so hard, day in and day out, ignoring food on time and even conditions like BP, Diabetes, etc.? To earn and save, right? Why do women in the family take up the additional responsibility of earning? As if balancing household chores and bringing up children aren’t challenging enough! Enduring hardships, they earn for their endearing families! Why waste such hard-earned money in a split second? Should you not check the price before buying something?

My dear friend, I am sure you know jewellery to the Indian household is not just for ornamentation or indulgence. It offers an emotional security to the family. It’s a blessing in times of hardship. Not buying it at the right price is a waste of investment!

I may head a successful jewellery company but believe me, I am not very different from you. As a head of the family working 18 hours a day, I take the liberty of asking you this: Why pay more than what you have to, while buying jewels? Why lose money on exorbitant, V.A. or making charges?

Every showroom is promoting offers and discounts now and then. Think why! Just calculate the nett physical weight of gold you take home against the money paid by you. Compare this between shops and identify the showroom that gives you the maximum nett grams of gold. Calculate for every rupee you shell out. It’s yours, after all! Also ensure the gold jewels you buy are BIS 916 Hallmarked and diamond jewels have an Internationally Recognised Quality Certificate.

We, at Lalithaa Jewellery, are happy to sell gold and diamond jewels at manufacturing price to people like you.

Buy Gold jewels for the lowest V.A. charges in the market – 1 to 9%! (Only a very few jewels at 10% to 16%). And buy diamond jewels for the lowest prices in India. You don’t have to take my word for it. Visit as many jewellery showrooms as possible to check this for yourself and make an informed decision. Let paying high prices be a thing of the past! Wishing you and your family more and more prosperity.

Honestly, I would like everyone to be as financially successful as I am. Let’s all have a specific goal in life and march towards it. Welcome.

Dr. M. Kiran Kumar
Chairman & Managing Director
Lalithaa Jewellery Mart Pvt. Ltd.