Demystifying the notion that diamond jewels are expensive.

There’s a general belief among jewellers that buyers of diamond jewellery are well-heeled and can absorb exorbitant prices. We at Lalithaa Jewellery, however, think otherwise. Since our intention is not on profits alone, we aim to make diamond jewellery very affordable and at fair prices by keeping our margins as low as possible.

A comparitive illustration of diamond prices between Lalithaa Jewellery and the market
Factual illustration based on average market price.
Gross weight of the diamond jewel – 1.86 grams
Weight of the diamond stones in the jewel – 0.012 grams (0.06 cents)

Nett weight of the jewel x 18 karat Gold rate : 1.848 x Rs.2256 Rs.4169
Diamond weight (in cents) x Diamond rate per carat : 0.06 x 48000 Rs.2880
V.A.charges Rs.975/gram : 1.848 x 975 Rs.1802
Total Price
[Nett weight + 23% V.A.] x 18 karat Gold rate : [1.848 + 0.425] x Rs.2256 Rs.5127
Diamond weight (in cents) x Diamond rate per carat : 0.06 x 67950 Rs.4077
V.A.charges Rs.1650/gram : Rs.1650 x 1.848 Rs.3050
Total Price

A price difference of Rs.3403/- even while buying a small diamond ring worth less than ten thousand rupees ! So, you can imagine how much the difference will be, when you buy bigger diamond ornaments worth lakhs of rupees !