We work on the premise that hard-earned money should be accorded the respect it truly deserves. This core value is so deeply ingrained that we ensure minimal wastage while making jewels so as to keep our V.A. Charges low. In fact Lalithaa Jewellery charges the lowest V.A. Charges in the market, a fact you can check for yourself by visiting a few showrooms. Since our V.A. Charges are so low and nominal, the customer benefits by getting more grams of gold which obviates the need to bargain like in other showrooms.

Besides respecting your hard-earned money we also help you derive the satisfaction of buying flawless ornaments of the finest quality underlined by world-renowned guarantees. All our gold jewellery carries the BIS 916 Hallmark stamp and all our diamond jewels are certified by authorised international gemmology bodies, both of which ensure the authenticity of what you buy.