Diamond Jewellery - Diamonds crafted to polish your style

Lalithaa Jewellery sells exquisite diamond ornaments like diamond necklace set for market's lowest price per carat. Please remember, even if you pay Rs.5000 more per carat, you will lose a significantly high amount in your diamond jewellery purchase.

What's more, our Value addition charges are also the lowest in the market.

AUTHENTICITY : As proof of quality, we furnish authenticity certificate from Internationally recognized third party and not a mere in-house certificate.

QUALITY : We sell superior E-F color grade diamonds with VVS clarity, so the quality of the diamond ornament is 100% assured. (We don't sell G-H colour grade that is inferior in quality.)

BUY BACK : 100% exchange for diamond ornaments; 85% for cash or gold jewellery. (At its diamond rate on the day of exchange, Lalithaa jewellery offers buyback on these terms)