Lalithaa Jewellery has always asked customers to check and compare with other showrooms about the veracity of our claims. Our ‘Click & compare’ is a proof of this.
Yes, other jewellers too claim to sell at low V.A. Charges. But if you observe carefully, jewellery showrooms that mention ‘V.A. Charges, 4% onwards’ in their ads, have a limited range pertaining to this, while a majority of jewels would be sold at higher V.A. Charges, thereby misleading the public. On the other hand, our range even with the lowest V.A. Charges would be wide.
It is advisable to divide the amount paid by the grams of gold you get and compare this with a few showrooms. Please buy from the showroom that gives you the maximum grams of gold.
You should benefit by getting more grams of gold for their hard-earned money. Besides we are not in the business to make huge profits.
Absolutely not. All our gold jewellery is BIS 916 Hallmarked and our diamond jewellery is backed by Authenticity certificates from Internationally accredited Gemmology bodies.
The range is vast with designs that would satisfy each customer's choice.
Don't get carried away by 'no bill, no tax' enticements which may be aimed at misleading you. Only when all the details of the jewel are mentioned in the bill, you can evaluate the real worth of your jewel.
Our rates and V.A. Charges are the lowest in the market. Others mislead you by offering free gifts. Don't fall for trivial freebies like Cooker, Mixie, Clock, Bag, etc and lose several thousands in the bargain.
Do not buy any jewel without the BIS 916 Hallmark symbol which is administered by Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS), a Govt. of India undertaking.
No, they need not be. There's a general belief among jewellers that buyers of diamond jewellery are well-heeled and can absorb exorbitant prices. Our intention is to make diamond jewellery very affordable by keeping our margins as low as possible so that everyone can buy.
Lalithaa sells diamond jewels with VVS clarity and E-F color grade. We don't sell diamonds with G-H color grade which are inferior in quality.
Yes, designs of your choice can be customized.
We will ensure faster delivery of customized jewellery.
Our Buyback policy is the most buyer-friendly in the market viz., 85% against cash and 100% against exchange for new diamond jewels.
Valuation will be based on BIS 916 Hallmark standards. (For more details on this scheme check Pre Booking Scheme section).
Only 0.5% will be deducted as melting and purifying charges. (For more details on this scheme check Pre Booking Scheme section).
  • It is advisable to keep your jewels covered in soft cotton cloth or plain plastic cover.
  • Please ensure perfumes & cosmetics don’t come into contact with jewellery.
  • Avoid using velvet boxes to store jewellery.
  • Water containing chlorine or salt should not be used to wash jewellery.
  • Use a soft plain cloth to clean jewellery after use.
  • Never wear gold jewellery with silver jewellery. (Eg: Silver locket, dollar, spadigam mala etc)