Harmonising the art of saving money with the joy of buying jewellery

Eleven Month 'Jewellery Purchase Plan'

At the time of purchase, you can choose either weight-based calculation or rupee-based calculation, whichever is beneficial to you ! This provides you protection from gold rate fluctuations during the entire period of the scheme.

We bear the full Value addition charges, on our entire range of gold jewellery.

As a token of our love and goodwill for you, we give 50% bonus on one month’s instalment amount.

With our history of customer friendly approach, our novel plan helps you achieve your goal of buying jewellery in a way that suits you. This unique plan empowers you to buy jewellery through affordable instalments besides helping you save money.

Instalment options :

Rs.1000 / Rs.1500 / Rs.2000 / Rs.2500 / Rs.5000 / Rs.10000